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20 Ways To Be Happy In NYC (Or Other Big Cities in the US)

Living in New York might be exhausting for you, but these ways will help you be happier in NYC or other big cities in the US. These 20 Ways to be happy in NYC will really help you, especially if you feel depressed or are new there and experiencing culture shocks.

Ways To Be Happy In NYC
Ways To Be Happy In NYC

20 Ways To Be Happy In NYC – New York City

1.    Get a Decent Job

The first thing you need to pay attention to is having a decent job. Without having a decent job you will not be happy. This is very important!

When you don’t have a job, you will have a very hard time in a big US city. If you’re not earning enough to live on, make sure to take on extra jobs that are available on your way home from work or near your home area.

2.    Have a Hoby

Without having a hobby you won’t know how the fun comes from. So hobbies will be an important place for you to spend some of your money.

Choose a hobby that you like, not one that you can! Here you are not looking for recognition but rather looking for fun. You are converting your money into pleasure here.

3.    Choose: Socialize or Not

There are two choices here. You need to understand yourself deeply, whether you like to socialize with people or not.

If you like socializing with people, there is nothing wrong with joining social activities or church activities. If not, you don’t need to force yourself, stay at home after work.

4.    Make Friends With Those Who Are Favorable

When you first arrive in NYC, make sure you have friends. Favorable friends, where you get a lot of benefits from them. You can ask for directions to a place or anything else.

It would be better if these friends are beneficial to you. Look for friends who are good and can get along with you.

5.    Choose the Right House

Choosing the right house or apartment may be difficult for you. The most important thing is the access and facilities.

You should also look for a house or apartment that has a good building, so you don’t have to pay extra. Check the availability of water, electricity, access to wholesale areas.

6.    Cook Your Own Food

This activity will be very exciting, whatever the taste you should try it. Cooking your own food will be very exciting for you.

It creates unimaginable pleasure, when your cooking starts to improve there is nothing wrong with getting recognition from others. Try giving your food to your neighbors or friends, good luck!

7.    Have a Pet

Get a pet if you live alone, when you’re home alone it can get lonely. They will be a place for you to vent and tell stories.

Cats or dogs are fine, both will be good partners for you.

8.    Sleep Regularly

Having good sleeping hours will also greatly help you have optimal health. You will feel fitter when you have regular sleeping hours.

Try it, this is one of the fundamentally best solutions to be happy living in NYC.

9.    Do Morning Activities

There are so many morning activities that you can do, especially before work. One of them is jogging or making healthy food.

If there is a best recommendation is to read a novel and enjoy tea in the morning. It will be great to spend time being happy in the big city.

10.Have a Personal Therapist Schedule

Believe it or not, there will be a time when you need to see a psychologist. Being in a big city like NYC can be stressful at times.

You need to have insurance for this when needed. This is a fundamental and technical endeavor when you live alone in a big city.

11.Comfortable Working Environment

As I said in the beginning about how to live happily in NYC. You need to have a job! This is very important, when you have no income you will definitely never be happy.

Choose a fun work environment. Look at the social activities or other interesting things, don’t look at the salary. You can increase your income by working on the side.

12.Save, Don’t invest!

Saving money is important, sometimes you will need extra money.

Don’t invest, because it’s risky. When you lose the money, you won’t be happy and you’ll be even sadder.

13.Compare Yourself to Other People

Next, to measure your happiness, it’s time to compare your life with others. Look at it clearly on a personal level, not your background.

When you feel something is missing in your life, it’s best to improve it. When you are more than others, be happy!

14.Communicate with Family or Not

This is an important point if you want to live happily in NYC. Deciding whether or not to communicate with your parents is your right!

When you find it, go for it. You need to choose and be honest with yourself, whether you are happy communicating with your family or not.

15.Have a Relationship: Prioritize benefits

Being in a big city like NYC will bring you closer to depression. Why is this? The city’s hectic activities, crime rate and more.

So make sure you have a beneficial relationship with others. Because if you don’t, then there might not be any benefits.

16.Choose Tutoring After Work

The next option is to have tutoring after your work hours are over. It varies a lot, you can start cooking lessons, muai thai, photography or others.

17.Make sure your bedroom is clean

Having a clean bedroom is also very important. When you go to bed or wake up in a clean place, it will definitely maintain your mood. If not? Just imagine it yourself.

18.Self Reward Every Time You Receive a Paycheck

Surely you want something in your amazon cart right? No need to worry, when you receive your paycheck when it’s affordable to buy, buy it!

This is a very important thing to make you happier in a big city especially in NYC.

19.Avoid Dangerous or Toxic Communities

You should avoid dangerous communities or toxic environments. This has nothing to gain. But also consider if you are a dangerous or toxic person? If so, contact your therapist now.

Safety is the most important thing when you want to feel happy or comfortable.

20.Make Sure You’re Better Than Others

Last but not least, make sure you are better than others, improving your quality of life. Look happy with the life you are living.

This is most important when you can get recognition from others for all aspects of your life. If you haven’t, that’s okay! You’re working on it.

How to live a happy life in NYC or in a big US city will be an interesting discussion. Each step and point above will be helpful for those of you who are new to NYC. These 20 Ways To Be Happy In NYC (Or Other Big Cities in the US) will be helpful for everyone!

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20 Ways To Be Happy In NYC (Or Other Big Cities in the US)