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How To Find Good Mentor For Career Success

How to find good mentor for career success? If you feel stuck in your career, don’t feel comfortable or feel you are on the wrong path in your career. Finding a mentor for your career is an important thing to do immediately. The nature of this becomes very urgent.

How To Find Good Mentor For Career Success
How To Find Good Mentor For Career Success

5+5 Step How To Find Good Mentor For Career Success

The following is how to find good mentor for career success, of course some of these steps have been adjusted to the relevance of today’s situation.

1.    Self-Assessment

The first thing to do is to ask yourself. Do an evaluation, correction, introspection of yourself before looking for a mentor for your career.

Some of the questions that you must realize yourself are the career goals and life needs that you have. Because these two things are very important for those of you who want to change career paths.

2.    Research

Next, it is important to do in-depth research. You need to find out the industry and the purpose of your career.

By looking at those who are at the top of the career you are interested in, there will be a glimmer of hope for you to have the right path.

Or if possible getting a mentor from those ahead of you would be the best option.

3.    Networking

Joining professional community activities is very important for you.

By doing so, you will get closer to those who are directly involved in the career industry you want.

In addition, it will be easier for you to describe the purpose of your career and the goals you want to do every day to achieve your goals.

4.    Reach Out

Once you’ve found a potential mentor, there’s nothing wrong with reaching out to them personally.

But don’t be too aggressive, because not all of them want to be mentors.

Therefore, I think the easiest way is to use the services of Fiverr to find your career mentor (How to find good mentors for career success?).

The recommendations above can certainly be an option for you. They are professionals in their field. And it’s definitely not a problem for you to see their background one by one before taking their services.

5.    Set Clear Expectations

The most important thing is to have a goal, as I said before.

When you don’t have a goal, there will be no meaning.

Various ways above will help you, contacting your potential mentor directly will be an option. But using Fiverr would be the best option to make your search easier.

Additional 5 Steps:

After knowing the previous 5 steps, it’s time you should know the additional 5 important points in How to find good mentors for career success.

6.    Mutual Benefit.

First you have to take into account reciprocity.

No one wants to give sincerely without getting something in return. This is very natural, you should not be selfish with your own thoughts.

By providing appropriate benefits, surely your career guidance will be better.

7.    Regular Meetings

In this service, the most important thing is to have regular meetings.

With regular meetings whether it is in person or video call, both will be very important.

Make sure you are prepared before the meeting, write down your career issues over the years or over a period of time.

8.    Seek Feedback

Don’t be a rigid person, this is important if you are looking for How to find good mentors for career success.

When you are a rigid person, it will be very difficult to take advice. So it will be useless to do all these things.

9.    Show Appreciation

When you get advice, whether it’s appropriate or not. Say thank you.

Advice from a professional is very important and it is the best thing that helps you to look ahead.

10.Evaluate Relationship

It is important to always maintain a good relationship with your mentor.

A good relationship will be the success of your process. So here, the biggest need is yourself.

The better your relationship with your mentor, the easier it will be for your mentor to understand you.

The 5+5 How to find good mentor for career success above will help you a lot. So that you are clear in pursuing the career you want or make it easier to describe the problems you are experiencing.

How do I Find a Mentor for My Career?

How To Find Good Mentor For Career Success
How To Find Good Mentor For Career Success

How to find a good mentor for career success? Especially to find a mentor that suits you. Because not everyone who is at the top of the industry will give knowledge for free, even most of them do not want to be a mentor.

1.    Identify Your Goals

Identifying your goals is important in order to get the right results. Do introspection and correction on your career journey so far.

2.    Look Within Your Network

The first easiest way to find a career mentor when you are done with the first point is to get one from your network.

Ask your friends, boss or HRD, this is the easiest way to get a mentor.

3.    Join Professional Associations

Next, you can join professional associations in your industry. Joining associations will be the easiest way to reflect on your career goals or find a mentor.

4.    Utilize Online Platforms

The online platform I recommend is Fiverr, where mentors open their services, so you don’t have to search just check their background.

Using LinkedIn might have been useful in the 2000s, but now I think it has become a social media for workers. You will only get a shell there because people will only post their experiences and opinions.

5.    Attend Industry Events

Another easy and useful way is to attend seminars in your career industry.

That way you will meet many new people in your industry, and it will be the easiest way to select your potential mentors.

Some of the above methods will be very important to use. How to find good mentors for career success? The above 5 ways are the best choice.

How Do You Identify a Good Mentor?

The next important thing in How to find good mentors for career success is to identify potential mentors with the following points.

How To Find Good Mentor For Career Success
How To Find Good Mentor For Career Success

1.    Relevant Experience

Having the same experience as you is the most important thing. This will provide detailed solutions to your career.

Relevance in experience will give you a great opportunity to get various information and tools that might be used.

The way things work or the solution to a problem will be easy to find if you prioritize this.

2.    Good Communicator

Good communication skills are the most important thing to choose as a mentor. If you want to get a good mentor, of course Fiverr is the best choice because you can see from their reviews.

3.    Accessible and Available

The next reason why the Fiverr platform is my choice is the availability of their time in mentoring.

This is important in the midst of your busy work schedule.

If you find a good mentor but don’t have the time, I think it will be useless.

4.    Supportive and Encouraging

Look at how they respond, a good mentor should support and encourage your development.

If you meet a mentor who wants to dictate and criticize your actions, it’s better to leave.

5.    Track Record of Success

A good mentor must be able to provide good services, this is seen from the track record of each student in it.

If unproven, this will be a difficult choice to make. But if you do try, take a look at some of the points I mentioned earlier.

Where Is The Best Source For Finding a Mentor?

How to find a good mentor for career success? I’ll go back to Fiverr if you don’t get a recommendation from your coworkers or contacts.

By using Fiverr, ensure the relevance of experience, ratings and reviews from other buyers. When you are in the mentoring process pay attention to the way you communicate and how the mentor responds (supportive and encouraging).

How Do I Find a Mentor 5 Tips?

How to find a good mentor for career success? Here are 5 best tips that you can use.

  • Search on Fiverr Platform, ensure the relevance of the experience.
  • Get it from your contacts.
  • Attend your career association events to find mentors.
  • Get it from a senior at your job.
  • Look for those who are at the top of your career industry, make contact to ask if he/she opens mentoring sessions for careers in relevant work experience.

Those are some important things for you to get the right career mentor. Some of the above will be very helpful in How to find good mentors for career success. Good luck in your career!

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How To Find Good Mentor For Career Success